About Me

Hello! I’m Tristin

Animator, Author, Illustrator


After 25 years in the animation industry, I’ve worked as a background painter and designer for some of the top Hollywood animation studios. I am so grateful to have met Chuck Jones, and work alongside Iwao Takamoto, Jerry Eisenberg, and Mr. Barbera, among many other animation greats during my time. I have worked on award winning shows and many well known productions over the years.

In addition to the opportunity to serve the animation community, I am a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. My book titles include “Into the Night”, “Bodhi and the Coyote”, “A Bundle of Joey”, “The Humble Bee”, and “The Secret Rocket” written by Sonia Sander.

Known for background paintings in a diversity of styles, within different schedules and budgets, I also perform design, color styling, layout, and visual development duties for productions as needed.

I have a passion for animation, harmonic collaboration and enjoy bringing the traditional values and techniques I have learned from my mentors to modern day background painting and designs.


As a second generation animation artist, I grew up watching my father, Ronald Roesch, paint backgrounds for Hanna-Barbera. His animation desk – a constant source of inspiration right in my living room! Some of my fondest childhood memories are meeting Iwao Takamoto when I was 8 years old, and growing up among the Hanna-Barbera family.

Behind the Scenes

Take a closer look at my portfolio of background paintings and designs. Explore the diversity of styles and projects I’ve worked on (so far) throughout my career.